Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Prediction for the year 2007

1) Korean real estate bubble will burst. All apartments will depreciate to 50% of present price.

2) President Rho will resign, naming Gohgun as the intrim acting president.

3) Korea will stop "sunshine policy" and all forms of contact with Kim Jongil's regime.

4) The US will go to war with Iran. Korean soldiers will fight side-by-side with American troops to topple Iranian regime.

5) South Korea and Japan will announce mutual defense treaty aimed at China-NK coalition.

6) Economic hardship (lost 20 years) will start.

7) NK will attack SK in limited scale on sea and near DMZ. Korean people will learn to hate NK to the max. China will be hated as well for helping KJI regime.

8) FTA with the US will not pass.

9) American troop withdrawal from Korea will accelerate. Koreans will be scared and many will flee the country. Laws will be passed to block Korean nationals from leaving the country.

10) Foreign investments will plunge. Stock market and real estate will dive with no bottom. Korea will go down from its peak (2006) as many countries in Asia and SouthAmerica have done in history. The miracle of Han river will end and Korea will deteriorate into a third world country. All because so-called liberals(=Commies) played the anti-American card and that accelerated the US withdrawal from Korea. Koreans brought this to themselves. No one to blame.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Time to block Samsung TVs and Huyndai cars

North Korean (DPRK) government is building intercontinental missiles with nuclear warhead. Kim Jongil officially stated that these missiles will be used against the US. These poor rats want to steal a piece of pie from the US without earning it. KJI want to get it by threatening America.

Meanwhile, South Koreans who are supposed to be the allies of the US have been aiding DPRK. SKs pump billions of dollars to that evil regime through tourism, economic aids and sham projects. Most of money goes directly to KJI's effort to develop longer range missles and stronger nuke warheads. SKs know this and yet they continue. Maybe they want to attack the US themselves.

It is about time for America to wake up and punish these Talibans who are aiding the enemy. Boycott Samsung electronic products and Huyndai cars. When Americans buy these products, considerable part of the purchase money is going to DPRK and to Kim Jongil.

Just boycott these products! And, the next step is stopping KAL and Asiana, the two SK airlines, from flying over the continental USA, in the fear that these airlines may carry DPRK terrorists and spies.

If the US consistently press this point, South Koreans will change. Boycotting Korean products will bring about riots in Korea and 180 degree turnabout in Korean society. You can not sell your products to the US while being in kahoots with the enemy. Send a strong message! Hurt them where it hurts the most, in their pockets.

Time to block Samsung DVD players and Huyndai cars.