Wednesday, October 18, 2006

NK nuke and what comes next

NK just did an underground nuke test.

What comes next?




The US will do some tough talking but then ask the UN to take action. The UN would not do anything other than mildly condemning NK. Russia and China will see to it.




SK and Japan may say they would develop nuke. But, they already have them.




The US is busy planning a war with Iran. NK problem is left to Japan to solve with SK vacillating between two gigantic camps, China camp(China, NK and Russia) and Japan camp (Japan, the US, Taiwan). SK will eventually be fucked by both camps; the people who are so stupid that it cannot decide which camp to belong deserves to be wasted.

So, till the China/Japan hegemony fight starts (after Beijing olympic), the situation will not change. NK will continue to do these tests. And, the US will ignore them.





At 3:12 PM, Blogger mahathir_fan said...

"SK will eventually be fucked by both camps; the people who are so stupid that it cannot decide which camp to belong deserves to be wasted."

Is this the same idioticity that is causing North Koreans and South Koreans to still be fighting amongst each other after nearly 50 years?

Ever thought that there may be a 3rd option and that is instead of deciding which camp to go to, build our own camp - the Korean Camp that is sovereign, independent and free from foreign influences?

At 8:31 PM, Blogger baduk said...


How long have you lived in this planet? How old are you?

Why didn't France stand up and declare itself to be independent when Nazis came? "Independent and Free", quoting you.

BTW, do you believe in Santa Clause as well?

If there has been no Kim IlSung and Kim Jongil, two Koreas would have been united long time ago. These SOBs only want Koreas to be united under their rule! Germany would be still split if it had bad characters like these.

Not knowing this simple fact really tells your level of intelligence. Don't post here. Don't waste my time.

At 6:53 PM, Blogger mahathir_fan said...

Why don't you look at the case of Mainland China and Taiwan. People from both countries can freely visit each other today. It may still be politically separated, but that is the business of politicians to sought out. As far as people are concerned, long separated families have been reunited. Marriages between both sides are common. And both sides watch and like the same movies, music etc. etc..

How did they get here? The key is that China forbid 3rd countries from messing with this spat.

The problem with Korea is too many people have their hands in it. So the US wants one thing, the Koreans want antoher thing, the Japanese want something else, the Chinese want something else etc. etc.. So you end up with diffrent players with different wish list of the end game.

At 3:13 AM, Blogger baduk said...


Why don't NK open up? Why don't they let SKs to travel into NK? Why don't NK open up to the third countries like European countries?

NK wants to lie to its people. Kim Jongil cannot open up the country because if NKs find out how the rest of the world live they will rise up and kill KJI. KJI is afraid of that- people finding out the truth.

So, he doesn't let anyone in or out of his kingdom. Yes, he is the king. And, he is afraid of his own people, because he is a bad king. He drinks expensive wines and sleeps with Russian prostitutes while his people are starving to death.

With the bad dictator, NK-SK relationship can never be like China-Taiwan. You do not have a son of Mao ruling over the country and wasting millions every day.

At 11:09 PM, Blogger Leonid480 said...

The indoctrination of North Koreans is beyond compare. The Kim dynasty has no interest in negotiation. With the fourth largest military in the world poised to strike at the slightest military action, they need not listen to anyone.


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