Thursday, August 31, 2006

How NK will beat SK?

In the 1950 Korean War, North Koreans got Soviet tanks that caught South Koreans totally unprepared. SKs were expecting no tanks or inferior tanks used by the Japanese.

These Soviet tanks were something else. Koreans did everything they could, running suicide attack on it, shooting cannons, going underneath with a landmine, etc. Nothing worked. As a result, SKs lost. They had no information about Soviet tanks and they had nothing to stop it.

What if NKs get something like that from China. A biological germs which SKs have no antidote for. A new chemical agent that can kill SKs that are not prepared for. How about tactical nuclear shells that takes out a 1000 soldiers per shot? Something that SKs are not prepared for.

How about going around DMZ that are strongly fortified? Use the Nazi idea on France. China is a friend of NK and what if it lets NKs to use its ports. NKs will get on troop ships(could be even Chinese warships) and move in the back of Korean defense line.

Or, just carpet-shelling with their long-range artillery. This action alone may kill the president and all generals who are in Seoul, within the range of the guns. Or, use spies to attack all of them at the same time.

There are many scenarios that SKs have not prepared for. There are many!

SK will lose. NK cannot lose because China will protect it, just as in Korean War. The best SK can hope for is to hold it long enough for the US to arrive. But, would the US come?


At 11:50 PM, Blogger mahathir_fan said...

North Korea and South Korea had fought each other before. Nearly 1500 years ago, North Korea was occupied by a bunch of thugs that called themselves Koguryo. They were very militaristic, its army wore helmets with horns like samurai warriors. They are so militaristic, they are just like the North Koreans today.
They also had their capital in PyongYang.

In the south, was the kingdom of Silla. They exceled in cultural and the arts. They are like the South Koreans today that excel in dramas, movies etc. etc..

How did the Chinese deal with the North Korean threat (Koguryo threat) then? The Chinese (then under Tang Dynasty) tried many times to attack Koguryo but suffered humiliating defeats. Finally, they formed an alliance with the South Koreans(the Sillas) and together, the Chinese pitted the South Koreans(the Sillas) to fight the North Koreans(Koguryo). The war was a success. After the war, the Tang Dynasty moved its forces into Koguryo and occupied it.

The US can play the role of the Tang Dynasty and we can let history repeat itself. Let's destroy Koguryo!

At 10:49 PM, Blogger Daggernip said...

South Korea NEEDS the US to defend its way of life. A Korea united under the southern system will not survive if the US leaves the region. But Americans may decide a war to defend Korea won't be worth the sacrifice: "let Koreans defend themselves this time. It's not in our interest to defend them."

How will SK (or unified Korea) defend itself if the peninsula becomes nuke-free?

At 7:02 AM, Blogger Bonnie Conquest said...

Even if they have an uranium-enriched bomb that would be a surprise...


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