Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The dire moment of Korean history

Korean government has decide to take the "leading role" in the defense of Korea. While this sounds reasonable and justified, in reality, this is a kick-in-the-butt for American troops.

US soldiers will never take commands from Korean officers. No way. Koreans know this and the US knows this. Then, this decision by Korean government is tentamount to saying "Thank you for your service in Korea, but we don't need you any more. Now, get out".

This, actually, came at the great time for the US, which has been dying to pull troops out of Korea. Rumsfeld is so happy that he is smiling all day long.

So, what comes next? Korean government will rely on lying and propaganda. Today Korean defense minister says "we can take care of NK artilleries in six minutes after the hostilities start". How? How are Koreans find locations of these artilleries which are hidden inside the mountains? Six minutes? Ridiculous lie.

Majority of Koreans, who do not have great scientific skills, do not even doubt. They trust their defense minister. It is so absurd. You know what? This exact thing, lies by defense minister, happened prior to 1950 Korean war. The minister at that time guaranteed that Korean forces would easily defeat NK force, which proved to be a blatant lie.

The US forces are pulling out and storm of war is covering Korean peninsula. When the US attacks Iran, NK will come down with Chinese weapons. Not necessarily through DMZ. They may go to China and take chinese warships to land in the back of Korean troops. And, they will use non-conventional weapons, such as biological agents, chemicals or tactical nuke shells.

South Korea will lose and SK will be absorbed into NK, as happened in VietNam. Under Kim Jongil. And, five years after that, China will order United Korea to attack Japan, which will make mince-meat out of Koreans.

Korean people, significantly dwindled due to war deaths, will be dispersed into China to get food and eventually become a minority people of China. Korea, as a country, will no longer exist.

All these will come to pass within twenty years. Even ten.


At 2:46 PM, Blogger SUE said...

I see your article that contains nothing but the US nationalism and racism!!


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