Thursday, June 29, 2006

The solution to NK problem

Sam woke up when he heard noise coming from his garden. “Poop”, “Poop”.. He instantly knew what it was. It’s that mad woman from Korea.
He shooed her away. But, damage was already done. The mad woman had pooped all over his house. She said she wanted to talk, but Sam wisely called her ex-hubby.

Sam: Your bitch was doing it again this morning.
Hu: She is no longer my wife and I cannot do anything about her.

Sam: Hey, where did that bitch eat yesterday?
Hu: My house.

Sam: Stop feeding the bitch. If she has nothing in her stomach, then she wouldn’t shit.
Hu: Why don’t you talk to her?

Sam: She is YOUR bitch. Stop feeding her. Talk? Does her behavior looks like some bitch you can reason with? You talk to her!
Hu: I have talked her several times not to go and shit on your house.

Sam: Obviously, you are not doing a good job. Why don’t you put your bitch on a leash. Next time, she shit on my house, I am going to shit on your house. Get that?
Hu: I have no control over her.

Sam: Funking don’t lie. You are feeding her. Isn’t that right?
Hu: Yes, but..

Sam: No buts. Stop feeding (sending oil) her!
Hu: I cannot do that.

Sam: You mean “you won’t”. Ok. Got it. I now know why that bitch was coming and shitting around my house. You are behind it all. I am going to shit all over YOUR house, you double-talking Chinese!!!!


At 2:26 AM, Blogger mahathir_fan said...

It is the North Koreans that have been betrayed by the US. The Americans have failed to lived up to its side of the bargain and because of this, since 1995, it is estimated that 2 million North Korean civilians and children have died because of it.

In the 1980s, North Korea had made significant strides in the pursue of nuclear technology. This culiminated in the consturction of the YongByon Nuclear reactor that would generate very cheap electricity for the nation. The US were concerned about this reactor. Although, its primary usage will be for generation of electricity, it can also be used to make nuclear bombs.

After significant negotiation, the Americans and the North Koreans struck a deal, whereby the North Koreans will forgo persuing the type of nuclear technology at Yongbyon, instead the US will provide an alternative source of energy: 2 Light water reactors that would help the North Korean generate electricity. In addition, the North Koreans will be provided with oil for electricity generation until the completion of those 2 light water reactors.

Unfortunately, the construction of those 2 light water reactors did not start until 8 years later, in 2002. The delivery of oil was also often delayed while the citizens of North Korea froze through winter, while thousands of innocent children died from the freezing cold. By then, it was clear that under the new administration of George Bush, the agreed framework will not materilize or will materialize at a snails pace.

In short, the North Koreans were duped into accepting this deal which the Americans will not deliver. The North Koreans did all they were required to do under this agreed framework, yet the other party, the US failed to deliver the oil on time as promised or complete construction of the light water reactors as promised.

As a result, the North Koreans have wasted valuable time. They have yet to get Yongbyon online, and they complied with IEAE requirements for 8 years, they did not get those light water reactors as promised, and citizens of north Korea many died because the US failed to deliver good quality oils and complete those light water reactors.

The moral of this short lesson in recent history again shows that South Korea must stand up and take hold of the situation. It cannot allow the US to be in the driving seat. South Korea should have been there to sign the agreed frame work with the north, not the US back in 1994. In fact, it is the South Korean government that has made the bulk of the financing for the Agreed Framework. Yet it doesn't even have the right to put its signature on the Agreed Framework. It was the US. How ridiculous! South Korea should have dictated the construction of those light water reactors, not the US. Instead, South Korea was just a passive follower throughout this entire episode. It was never in the driving seat and when Bush decided to call the agreedframework off, South Korea can only sit by helplessly and watch it disintegrate. Time is now for South Korea to be in the driving seat and call off the South Korea-US alliance if necessary to secure a peaceful and nuclear free peninsular.

We are basically back to where we were in 1994 because of South Korea's inaction.

At 10:17 AM, Blogger baduk said...

Oh, fuck off.

And, don't post here. Either you have never been outside of your hole or you are getting paid by the Chinese government.

So, fuck off.


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