Friday, June 02, 2006

The main reason for Uri barbecue in this election

Koreans are fed up with these “violence-addicted” ignorant Commies. Recent attempt at Pyungtaeg to involve majority of Koreans into anti-American mood failed miserably as these lawless mob attacked Korean military with bamboo sticks.

When are these f***ing Commies are going to learn that, in civilized society, people do not attack police with stones, bamboo sticks or firebombs? People vote. People act as a group in the poll booth.

Only minority terrorists are trying to sway the majority into their cycle of violence and childish destruction. This stupid legacy of violence addiction has no place in present democratic Korean society.

Commies got to go!

Meanwhile, these stupid Uri politicians were tolerating Commie violence at Pyengtaeg. Koreans were saying, “Hey, these jerks are attacking our soldiers. Do something!”. Yet, because they themselves have Commie roots, these stupid Uri pigs did basically nothing.

The silent majority have spoken!

A government which cannot show clear direction must go! Politicians cannot play both sides. Either they are on the side of these Commies or they are on the side of protecting soldiers.

Stupid Uri pigs try to play both sides and got burned in this election.

Pro-Commies will not be tolerated in Korean society any longer.


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