Sunday, April 02, 2006


Rho and his cronies are afraid of the truth. They are afraid of the fact that they are helping KJI to oppress these North Koreans.

They do not want to know about the consequences when KJI regime folds and these “repressed” people rise up to take revenge. Not only on KJI’s military officers, but also on pro-KJI South Korean politicians who helped KJI to hold on to power.

Pro-North politicians have a lot of reason to fear for their lives. Even if their side,the Chinese and KJI, take over South Korea, they are the first ones to be executed. They do not understand the real situation. KJI is being hated in the North Korea and will be detested once they find out about the world outside NK. And, that day is approaching sooner than they think.

You have a wife-beater, Mr. Kim, living in your neighborhood. You used to tell him about his evil deeds and told him to stop. However, now you have a customer(China) who buys a lot of your product. China is Mr. Kim’s father and tells you to get along with his son. Or, else.

So, you invite Kim. And, wine and dine him. Mr. Kim, once drunk, goes home and beats his wife even more. You know this will happen but you are afraid of losing China’s patronage. You actually helped Mr. Kim to beat his wife.

One day, you meet his black-and-blue wife in the market. She tells you that, after she kills her husband, she will kill China and you for helping her husband to continue his reign of terror.
You lie. You tell her that you did not know she was being beaten by Mr. Kim. You act surprised. But, in the heart of hearts, you know. You contributed to her being messed up. You helped the evil man. You are evil.

Pro-North politicians are evil.

The irony is you, yourself, had been beaten before by your boyfriends(Park, Chun and Rho) and you vowed yourself never be subjected to that tyranny again. Yet, you are helping Mr.Kim to beat his wife. And, pseudo-intellectual in you justifies the action thinking that this is necessary to open up North Korea. And, you agree with China for sending NK escapees back to NK for horrible torture and death.

What pompous hypocrite you are!


At 5:56 PM, Blogger tkd said...

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At 2:46 AM, Blogger mahathir_fan said...

There is no pro-North politicians in South Korea.

What you have is pro-Korea politicians who puts the Korean people first, and those with cold war mentality, anti communist pro communists mentality.

Most people who do not care about politics are pro-Korea. Is it any wonder that South Korea became more engaging with the North as soon as democracy prevails in the South?


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