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Psst..You got an egg?

Those three researchers in Schatten lab are caught in the middle of a bad controversy. Not just a controversy but a nation that wants to use science to enhance its self-esteem.
The Korean media is much to blame. They along with some politicians and industrialists have boosted Hwang to be more than a scientist. They promoted Hwang to be the best Korean, a Dangoon-LeeSunshin-SantaClause rolled into one person.
Hwang advertised himself to be a SantaClause, saying his research will bring untold wealth into Korea. Promising a world of possiblities with Korea in the center.
It was nothing but a pipe dream now. Hwang's results, starting from the cow he allegedly cloned, are under review. Some entities beside MBC will soon look into Hwang's research results including Snuppy.
Wilmut kept silent after selling his lies to PPL therapeutics, but Hwang didn't know when to stop. He felt safe as long as he stayed in Korea and keep feeding cloning lies labelled as national treasures.
The three scientists in Schatten's lab must escape the situation. There is angry mob waiting to hurt them when they return to Korea. They'd better just to hide out in America. "Mum" is the word.

Kim Sunjong, the poor guy, got slapped twice.
The first time by MBC reporter. They lied to him saying that all Hwang's results are proven to be lies. They threatened him that, unless he tells everything, he too will go to jail with Hwang. At this point, Kim allegedly confided some "dirt" on Hwang's research, which is to be televised soon by MBC PD diary.
Today, he got slapped by Ms. AhnGyuri. The following is my guess.
Ahn: Tell me exactly what you told the reporter.Kim: I don't remember exactly. I just told him that some results were falsifications.Ahn: Which ones?Kim: The original science paper and May paper(11 clones which showed no adverse reaction to the source patients).Ahn: You promised that you would keep quiet about that. Your future depends on it.Kim: I know. I was so fearful when reporter told me they knew everything about Hwang.Ahn: OK. You tell everyone that you lied about Hwang and you do not know of any wrongs committed by Hwang. And, you misrepresented yourself under duress.Kim: That will make me a liar and "the enemy of people"(Ibsen). Some Koreans will kill me and my career is finished.Ahn: It was finished when you confessed to MBC reporters.Kim: I want out of this. I hate to be working with Hwang again.Ahn: You have no choice. You were nobody. A street urchin. PhD degree from Hanyang university is a toilette paper. We gave you job. We even send you to here. You ungrateful dog.Kim: Hey, I acknowledge Hwang's help. However, you guys don't own me. And, I am telling you, Madam, you'd better behave. If you press too much, I may spill my guts to American media. Many people will get hurt.Ahn: Ok, Ok, calm down. We will protect you. We will even guarantee our support. Just play along with us. It will be over soon. We know some people in the government. They can squash MBC like a bug.Kim: I don't want to be in the middle of controversy. I am a scientist, not a crook(Nikson?). Leave me out of this.Ahn: Just play along and record a new interview claiming MBC reporters are the liars. You and your kids' future depends on this. Are you going to play along?


This is how it came to be.1)Wilmut lied when his funding was about to be cut. He put a sperm to a ovum and made a lie, Dolly.2)Korean government advertise for any scientist who will match Wilmut's attempt. This in itself was a joke. Hwang applied and got three years of funding to duplicate Wilmut's result. He tried and tried but could not do it. So, he did the same thing Wilmut did and created another lie. A cow,this time.3) For a while nothing happened. Hwang may wanted to stop here. However, Rho and Park, his powerful patrons, wanted him to do human cloning. Under their prodding, he again made up some data and sent them over to Science magazine and got it published. This was the last time he lied.4) He, then, hired underlings. He has chosen those who showed extreme loyalty to himself. Then, he pressured them to produce. He coaxed, pressured and made them compete against each other to produce results. Eventually these underlings like himself started to make up data. He dismissed some honest researchers who would not lie. 5)All this time, Hwang was rarely around the lab. He was out giving lectures to politicians and common folks. Partly, he did not want to "see" what is going on in the lab. Nor he wanted to be part of this new round of lying. Yet he desperately wanted some would succeed in cloning so much so that he started believing that these workers did great science. 6) In any case, he was in the clear. If something bad happened, he was not responsible. If a bad thing happens, he would just fire anyone who was found out. 7) He may be still under the self-created illusion that his underlings did honest work. He maybe even congratulating himself for giving young people chance to succeed in science. His little lie opened up a whole new opportunities for young biologists in Korea. He may even be proud.


I smell that it is about time for Korean government to step in and cover up the whole thing. Ms.Ahn's urgent trip to the US should be viewed under this light.
Korean government can cover everyone in Korea, yes including MBC reporters(they have family), but those three in the US can still shoot their mouth off in the foreign media and embarrass Korean government itself.
Ahn went and met with those three "trouble-makers"(free spirited individuals, in my opinion). She delivered the stern warning from some Korean government officials. "If you f*** us, you are dead".
Soon, under Rho's orders, all media will suddenly, in one day, stop printing anything about Hwang. Media silence. And, then, Hwang will appear and present his side only and the president himself will put a stamp of official approval. MBC will appologize. That will be the end of this controversy.
Sometimes, people will rather want to believe in a lie as long as this falsification helps them to survive. "The enemy of the people"(Ibsen).

MBC lost? Not at all. Rho Sungil(industrialist) and Park Giyoung(politician) will forever pay these MBC reporters and the MBC president, in the tune of several million dollars each. Why do you think these reporters have continued this long? They were fighting for a better deal than Hwang's team was offering.
Rho Sungil will get 40% proceed from Hwang's research, which will be funded by Korean taxpayer's money. He will keep double books and make payoffs to these co-conspirators.
Money is what these liars want(including scientists!). Taxpayers' money is an easy prey as long as they sing "patriotism" song. Korean people are willing to give as soon as they hear "for Korea"; they are trained that way.

Many news this morning point to "cover up" in full swing. MBC cancelled its broadcast on Hwang's results. We may never see the confession of Dr.Kim that is so crucial in MBC's argument. And, looks like there will be no verification of Hwang's discoveries by a third party, either.
Instead, MBC is appologizing to the public about PD soochup's strong arm tactics. In short, MBC is waving a white flag.
It all points to one thing: Payoff has been made.

When MBC reporters leave the town with their newly acquired millions of dollars, Korean public really have to re-examine their priorities.
Do they want to continue this dog-and-pony show by Dr.Hwang? Can they afford to lose credibility in the international scientific community and be labelled as "savages who play with human ova"?
I know the answer is overwhelming "Yes". But, the consequences of this action may be more profound than Koreans assume. Korean science is doomed. Hwang, Rho Sungil and Park Giyoung will make sure of that. They will rule from here on and will become "Microsoft" of Korean science scene, less the earnings. They will eat up Korean tax money alloted for scientific development.
People who like lies more than truth must suffer consequences.


Koreans are celebrating now. Another obstacles gone and now Dr.Hwang and Korean scientists will bring billions of dollars to Korea and Korea will become one of the wealthiest countries in the world by bringing new cures and hopes to the sick.
Koreans, who do not know how the world turns, just step on a big toe. They just crapped on the face of one of the biggest organizations in the world. One of the most powerful. RC!
This organization can eat up small countries like Korea for breakfast. This organization can send Korea back to stone ages.
As more "humanoid killings" continue in Korea, Hundai and Samsung will lose their markets. Koreans are not the only ones to use economic pressures to make their desires known. Korean corporations may downright disappear from Western markets!
This Hwang thing may end Korea as we know it today.
This is why the US is such an amazing country. This type of "coverup" cannot happen in America.
Wilmut can hide out in England and Hwang in Korea. They have enough clout to lie and get away with it.
In the States, Cold Fusion had no chance. The newspapers got to the bottom of it. American people have "ShowMe" attitude which can debunk these type of chalatans.
But, not in other countries. Korea and England put money in fairy tales like this one and eventually lose. And, Hwang can lie to Koreans all he wants, but if he tries that outside Korea, he will get caught.

Interesting questions.
1)Will the government and media swoop in to reclaim Hwang as a hero? Yes, it is coming from Rho himself(thru Park GiYoung). The Uri party boosted Hwang from a mere scientist to a national hero. He is a poster child for this administration.
2) Will people take an objective attitude or another worthless "us vs the world" stance whereby Hwang was framed and Korea smeared at the hands of foreigners? Koreans are still "frogs in a pond". They will never outgrow this "I do this for Korea" argument. Xenophobia still runs high in Korea.
3)Will Koreans seize on the old Korea-as-victom of-those-damn-foreigners angle by accusing Schatten of engineering the disgrace of Dr. Hwang in an attempt to steal Korean thunder? Schatten is pictured as the Incarnate Evil. Many posts in Korean newspaper started calling him, "a lying Jew". This is not fair. Soon, many pro-life crowd will call Hwang the Korean Demon and Koreans to be the horde of savages.
4)What respectable international scientist will want to collaborate with Korean scientists after this three-ring circus? No scientists outside of Korea will ever touch him with the three feet pole. Hwang is a dead dog, but he and Koreans do not know that yet. Hwang will be nobody in five years.
PD Soochup still maintains that it has the tape of the confession. They may sell the tape to the Nature magazine when Hwang makes another of his "breakthrough"s and tries to come back. The Nature will annihilate Hwang with the tape. Hwang'd better stay quiet for the rest of his life.

From http://www.uow.edu.au/arts/sts/bmartin/pubs/92prom.html
""I can however assure you that I have had more than one graduate student who has subsequently become eminent and who I know was fudging data. I have also had undergraduate students who have gone on to do their PhD elsewhere and when they went to certain professors reported back to me malpractice that amounted to fudging data (e.g. repeating an experiment ten times until one experiment worked out significant and then publishing just that one without mentioning all the failures). In addition I know of several people in biology and psychology whose results cannot be replicated, who refuse to give access to their raw data and who could not possibly have completed the experiments they claim to have undertaken in the time available. Their immediate colleagues know what is going on but universities tend to protect them because employing fraudulent staff is not good for the image of the university. In a recent case a professor was caught changing figures obtained by a research assistant. All the university did was to reprimand him and tell him that he could never apply for another grant so long as he remained at that university. He is now at another university. I am extremely sorry that the law of libel prevents my being more specific." [11].
These days, more and more of these frauds happen, especially in Biology. Competition is fierce in that discipline due to the fact that anybody can do biology. No background required. Look at the case of ParkUlsoon, the Runaway Scientist from Hwang's lab. She was cleaning pig's cage one day and the next day she developed "world-class technique in nucleus removal". Literally anybody can become a biologist. A world-class biologist, if you willing to bend the rules a bit! A man who will feed many, many future generations of Koreans, as Hwang claims himself to be.


From the same source,
That these sorts of experiences are common is attested by Charles McCutchen, a researcher at the US Department of Health, Education, and Welfare who has considerable experience with cases of scientific fraud. McCutchen writes that:
"In protesting scientific fraud, the whistleblower soon realizes that he or she will have few allies. The biomedical science establishment has taken the position that fraud is very rare, and will use almost any means to maintain that illusion. Its response is sufficiently savage to make whistleblowing professionally suicidal if the accused is either important or can involve someone important. This means that one cannot in good conscience ask for support, because one has no right to get the career of an innocent third party destroyed.
"The de facto alliance between perpetrators of scientific fraud and the biomedical science establishment is reflected in the response of the scientific journals. I know of only one, Neurology, that has published a direct exchange between accuser and accused. Nature has been ambivalent, and all other journals I know of have either avoided the issue, or, like Science, been captives of the nothing-is-wrong establishment"[26].
My comment: PD Soochup had no chance from the start. Scientific establishment itself does not want the truth. I was somewhat surprised at Science journal's attitude, but this article names it to be a "cover-up artist".
The Nature magazine is in "ambivalent" mood on Hwang as well. It wants to catch Hwang so that Wilmut(their native son) can claim the crown. Yet, blowing the cover off Hwang could come back and bite Wilmut, who is still suspected for fraud himself by American scientists include Walter Gilbert, a powerhouse at Harvard.
Hwang is just a small player in the world of biomedical battle ground. If he is not careful, he will go down, and take Korea and Korean scientists worldwide with him.

It is such an outrage that Wilmut was never told by anybody to repeat his experiment. The world will not have no argument with Wilmut if he had made Dolly2, Dolly3, etc. and have the world scientists to examine his creation freely.
However, he did not. He sold the technique to PPL Therapeutics and the company immediated seal the technique as proprietary. A perfect crime.
Now, it is such an hypocracy for the Nature magazine(British publication) to attack Hwang. It is like a pot calling a kettle black. A liar calling another liar a liar.


Originally, many people including Dr.Walter Gilbert, expressed serious doubts. http://www.junkscience.com/news/wilmut3.htm Now, they are somewhat silent, not because they changed their views but because they do not want to repeat the same argument again and again. After all, Dolly is dead and the technique is sealed and they cannot do anything about it.
I believe that more than 50% of biologists stil do question the cloning from a somatic cell.
Back to the main topic....Hwang's team announced today that they would not do verification of their recent paper on human stem cells. What kind of scientists are they? Wilmut's kind, I guess.
This is the state of biomedical science these days. They write a paper but they do not have to repeat the experiment. This goes against the very definition of science,"Bacon described a repeating cycle of observation, hypothesis, experimentation, and the need for independent verification."
Biologists are not scientists. There is no longer independent verification. A lie can perpetuate as did with Arab alchemists who claimed to have made gold from other elements. Wilmut started this trend and Hwang is following the technique.
Schatten wrote a disclaimer recently to the Science journal that he only proof-read and corrected Hwang's paper and that he by no means was a part of Hwang's research team. He does not want to go down with Hwang.

Hwang's experiments only take one day to verify. If they have stem cells as they claim, then just get a hair from the somatic cell donors and give them to a third party, like the Korean Scientific investigation service. The neutral party will do everything(extracting DNA and running gels) in one day and give the results. Just one short day!
Hwang's team say they cannot do it. The entire nation is embroiled in the controversy and yet these liars who are paid with Korean taxpayers money refuse to do the minimum. Why is that? Nobody is asking them to repeat the entire experiment, the nuclear transfer and all. Just verify the outcome. Yet, they refuse. Why?
Kushibo, about your question. I am not a member of AAAS and I cannot excess the article. I read in a Korean newspaper that corrections have been made to Hwang's second article. Instead of 11 successes, the correction shot down about 3 as questionable stem cells and 3 as total failures. I guess that Schatten made this corrections. Remember that in his parting announcement Schatten said that Hwang's second article contained some "technical" errors? The same newspaper article said that Schatten clarified and narrowed his "role" in the same correction. His contribution to the Hwang's second paper was just proof-reading the initial article and supplying comments.
The most recent tidbit about Hwang's controversy is that some pictures sent to the Science along with the second article were found to be wrong. Some pictures were generated from others by shooting from different angles and enlarging.
Hwang's team acknowledged that those pictures are from the same sample. They claim that those were simple mistakes.
Hardly! These are pictures of their prized stem cells. And, these pictures prove the state of those cells. How can they mix up such important experimental results? What other simple mistakes were made? Maybe some observations? Additional experiments done to verify these are indeed stem cells?
It is obvious that they exaggerated their success rate. PD soochup got a tip that some of Hwang's "cloned" stem cells were the same ones as those supplied by Mizmed hospital, the Rho Sungil's outfit where they have created several stem cells from discarded eggs and sperms!
With Hwang's refusal of a third party verification, it is clear what is happening. These guys ejaculating on purchased eggs! Literally. No nuclear transfer nonsense. Just spray sperms and go from there. After all, they have to catch up to England, which just allowed Wilmut to do just that.

It is clear to me what is happening. It is going on all around the world. A dark force descending around human race.
This cloning by somatic nuclear transfer is just a sham. An excuse. What these scientists want to do is to create a race of "slave babies", not BoA kind but small midgets in the form of multiplying cells.
What they want to do is to mix sperm and ova to create a living baby cells growing and multiplying in the laboratory. They will build a womb-like environment where these poor humanoids will live and grow.
Whenever necessary, these scientists will draw out some cells and inject them into patients. For spine injury case, they hope these cells will develop into backbone. For diabetics, insuline cells.
Is this OK? I don't think so. Just think about all those "humanoids"(sperm+egg) that have to die. Millions of them. Necessary to advance science? To make a better world?
Then, how do you feel about killing mental retarded and disabled? Would'nt it make a "better" world? A perfect world?
The Western civilization started with the acknowledgement of the Creator. That we are created by Him and we have to answer to Him. Once this belief is gone, Eastern "dog-eat-dog" philosophy reigns.

Wilmut and Hwang's claim about somatic-cell-nucleus-transfer cloning is just a lie. It doesn't work. Even if it works, they themselves claim that it only works once in a blue moon. 1 out of 400, in Wilmut's Dolly(a lie). Hwang's claim of 1 out 11 is hotly debated by Korean media. Hwang refused a third party verification of his results.
Their "cloning" is just a front to ease the conscience of Westerners. In the backyard of the lab, one lab worker is ejaculating on the eggs. Koreans are doing it. Scientists with no moral boundaries. Hwang's team is making these "babies" illegally. They are mating these purchased eggs with human sperms and mass-producing stem cells in large quantity. Japan and China may be doing it too.
England just allowed Wilmut to do human cloning. I wonder if British scientists will do this "sperm" trick.
In any case, Koreans are doing it! Not Brazilians or Indians. But, Koreans. Heroes to those who wait for "Brave New World", but the worst savages in the eye of those who have ethics. This fact must be totally disclosed to the US and European nations. I hope these countries would boycott Korean products.


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