Friday, November 25, 2005

A Korean Liar

RhoSungil, the president of Med hospital, owns 40% stake of all Hwang's discoveries. 60% is owned by SNU.
Dr.Hwang knew where Rho was getting his "eggs" and he thought that was none of his business.
Then, his assistants gave their eggs. He knew this was wrong but one of the donors asked him to keep quite because she was not married. So, he lied when he was asked about it.
Lying. And, covering up someone else's illegal activity that directly affects his scientific quests. Is he a trustworthy person?
Hwang is a known liar from now on to the rest of the world. Only Koreans are going to protect his reputation, but for how long?
Since he is now a certified liar, will his works,which have never been duplicated anywhere else, be trusted? The Journal Science should drop Hwang's articles. Anything written by him is unreliable!
Personally, I do not believe Wilmut's Dolly was a clone. He had tried to clone a sheep for over twenty years. He finally lied when his funding was about to be cut.
Getting nuclear DNA's from a fully grown and fully differentiated cells and having it "start from the very beginning" in an ovum, is in my opinion a fiction.
Schatten, himself, originally published an article that for sophisticated organisms like monkeys and men this was not possible. Then, he recanted when Hwang allegedly cloned a human(human ovum with full set of DNA start diving. What else you call it?).
If you assume that Hwang was lying, then Schatten was right the first time. When I read his article, it included some mathematical and highly evolutionary proofs that sound plausible. Maybe, he was right all along. I think so.
I wrote more about this subject including telemere and Mitochondrial DNA. If you are interested and have some knowledge about biology, visit my blog,
If Hwang's cloning method was a lie and he used a sperm instead of a nucleus of a cell, he committed murders. Murders of humans. He is basically a Nazi.
Somebody should verify his methods and results but nobody can. His methods are "proprietary" and his results are verified by other Koreans. Koreans who are on Hwang's team.
A perfect crime?
You are truly misled. Hwang has promised the whole world to Koreans. What is bending a rule here and there as long as he brings these wonderful cure, you ask.
Here are some of possiblities of what is going on right now.1)Hwangs explaination: He got nucleus from a somatic(fully differentiated)skin cell and inserted it into an ovum and it started to grow. Is it a copy of skin cell? He says no. It is much more than that. He says it is a stem cell that can grow into anything you want. Is it a human baby? No, he says. It is not human. Then, what is it? He says a stem cell. What is the difference between this "stem" cell and a baby? He says none. This cell can grow into a human being if inserted into a womb.
2) My take: i)If it is not a whole human, then it cannot grow into the useful body parts. A skin cell can only be a skin cell as it has differentiated. Dr. Hwang claims he can change it into something else. He is working on it, but nothing has worked out. Meanwhile, he is telling everyone that this will be done. It is dangerous for a scientist to promise something that he may or may not be able to deliver.
ii) What if it is what Dr.Hwang says it is? A human seed. A cloned human. Aren't we killing the man? Is it OK to use human subject in developing drugs? Koreans are taught from early on that it is quite OK to kill in advancing science. And, Kimbob, you are too. A human being killed! It is a murder! For a Buddhist like Hwang may think it to be OK, but not for me. I believe that thing in Dr.Hwang's test tube may have a soul. It may be God's creature. And, I will not allow Dr.Hwang to kill him. Not even to make use of him to develop these wonderful drugs and therapies. I morally object to it, since I believe that Dr.Hwang may have sneaked in a sperm to form his "stem" cell(then it is truly a murder).


At 4:37 PM, Blogger Iosue Andreas said...

I agree with and appreciate your commentary on this issue.

If life begins at conception (and I can think of no other point when it might be said to begin), killing an embryo is murder, plain and simple. And even if we cannot say for sure when life begins, shouldn't we err on the side of caution? Would we remove the heart of a man for transplant without first proving beyong doubt that he was not alive?

I've added a link to your blog on mine and look forward to reading yours in the future.

Katolik Shinja

At 11:55 AM, Blogger Hastle said...

The current debacles as to Dr. Hwang’s stem cell research should shift to focus on the issue of ethics as quickly as possible, I think. For now, this seems possible only after the questions asked of the authenticity and credibility of Dr. Hwang’s papers have been answered. However, holding Dr. Hwang accountable for his ethical lapses of covering up the use of eggs purchased is one thing, and assailing him for doing ESC research is quite another. For some, using ESC is just a murder, while others like me find no issue with it. The debate in future should only go on and on and on and on again. I think. Maybe it’s too ridiculous if we expect a unified voice or consensus on such a subtle issue.

However, as to the truth, if anyone agrees the journalism should hold as great a responsibility as science, when the MBC journalists admitted coercing people to testify against Dr. Hwang in a seemingly attack campaign, it’s not just an ethical lapse- it’s malicious!


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