Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Intelligent design

Contrary to some wackos, the intelligent design is not without scientific basis. Read the following article from the natural history magazines.


When scientists get so narrow-minded that they claim what they know is all there is to know and PERSECUTE any who says different, we are back to the dark ages.

I, for one, supports Bush's effort. Many scientists do too.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Dog eat dog world

Dr. Hwang's team says that they succeeded in cloning a dog from a fully-developed cell. Indeed. What was the cloned dog's telemere lengths? Were they shorter or at the same length as other puppies?

After 1,000 tries any scientist will be tempted to sneak a sperm in. You get an egg and a sperm. You mate them and put the egg into a surrogate mother. Who is going to find out?

Only way to debunk this is to do a nucleotide-by-nucleotide matching on entire dog genome. But, then these jokers are going to insist that there are DNA crossing at the point of initial splitting. Just like in the case of cat cloning, these liars already have covered their asses.

A perfect crime. A lucrative one to boot.

Someday all these jokers will be laughed at in the scientific field. Just like claims of yore that gold can be made from other elements. There were numerous claims. And, like a perpetual motion machine. There were again many claims.

Or, like the cold fusion.

It only takes time. However, till they are found out, these jokers will bilk Korean government for billions of dollars. Well, fools lose money.