Sunday, July 31, 2005

Recent trip to Korea

I was in Korea for the month of July. Things were expensive; I had to pay $220 for a group dinner for seven. And, I was hungry after the dinner. It was too expensive for a Chinese food given out in small portions; the restaurant charged $46 for a small dish of shrimps.

And, I think the prices will only go up. Korean government is printing mucho money and not accepting any foreign goods just like the Japanese. Soon, I will have to pay $20 for a regular meal. It will become just like Japan.

I will live in the good ol' USA for the rest of my life. At least, I will eat good.


At 3:58 AM, Blogger Kushibo said...

Baduk, you went to some fancy, upscale restaurant that is just designed to take your money.

You can go to a decent family restaurant with a nice atmosphere and eat for under $20 a person.

And the trend is for Korea to let in far more foreign goods, not less. Korea is changing for the better.


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