Thursday, May 12, 2005

NK nuke

What is the NK nuke crisis? Kim Jongil's attack on the U.S.? For what? To gain some rice and electricity? To gain some respect?

Condi Rice promised everything the NK said it wanted: Recognition as a soverign nation, No pre-emptive strike, etc.

How come NK is not stopping the nuke develpment when it got what it wanted?

The real reason for NK nuke crisis is not what it reported on the papers. KJI is working for the Chinese communist party. Chairman Hu wants KJI to threaten the U.S.

Till the U.S. is willing to trade with China...

China wants to trade NK nuke with Taiwan. If and when the general public gets so scared that the government is willing to give up Taiwan, then NK nuke crisis will be over. China started the crisis and China will keep it going till the U.S. give the Chinese what they want.

The U.S. should increase pressure on China. Kick their asses to cut off the oil supply to NK. If China does not listen, just put high tariffs on the Chinese goods and freeze their assets in the States. This will get their attention and may end so-called NK nuke crisis.


At 12:55 AM, Blogger Silly Sally said...

Baduk, been reading your stuff on Marmot and now found you here.

I am a fan of yours. Like your thinking style... you are probably the smartest commentor I have seen on the Korean blog sites.

Ditto ... on your insight about North Korea's role as Dr. Evil- China's mini-me.

At 9:22 AM, Blogger baduk said...

It is nice to have a fan. I really appreciate it.

And, hats off to you for knowing China is the real "behind the curtain" instigator of NK nuke crisis.


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