Saturday, May 14, 2005

KoreanAmericans hate communists!

13 May 2005

The head of the Peaceful Unification society of Korea returned yesterday with the barrage of protest sfrom Korean Americans in Los Angeles. Mr. Kim who went to North Korea some money and goats (don't laugh, the situation is dire), signed the visitor's log in P'yangYang with
"My dear leader, Kim Il Sung, who should be praised as the ...".

Later, he told the reporters that he and others were scared of what NKs would do to them, if he did not praise KJI's father who started the Korean War.

Many KoreanAmericans in Los Angeles who are devotedly anti-Communist (including moi) were mad at Mr. Kim. They flashed the signes such as "If you love NK, go live there", "No communist welcomed in LA", "Kill KJI" and "Bring back my brothers and sisters died in the Korean War".

Mr. Kim is considering the resignation from the post.


At 4:16 PM, Blogger Onion said...

You betcha.

"Mr. Kim is considering the resignation from the post. "

I hope he does resign. I'm so tired of these NK servile/loving S. Korean politicians. Frustrating.


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