Sunday, May 22, 2005

The Case against Dr.Hwang

Dr. Hwang of Korea says he made human stem cells from skin cells of fully grown adults.

1) What did he actually make? Dr. Hwang says that he took out the nucleus of a female egg and injected the full set of DNA from the skin cell.

a) Was there a third party observer? No.

b) Was his results verified by any other labs? No.

c) Is there a lying involved? Yes, last year a female lab scientist lied to the Science magazine about donating her own eggs. This is "no-no" in true scientific research: the researcher loses her objectivity.

d) What is his proof that his cell is a stem cell?
-His lab observed the cell dividing and developing into different cells. : I need a third party verification of this starting from the DNA injection. Dr. Hwang or one of his assistants could have ejaculated his sperm on to the egg. Do scientists lie like this? You bet your family jewel.

- He says he injected this stem cells and a dog which lost spine function has MIRACULOUSLY regained the function: WTF, if it is a dog, use a dog stem cell! Why inject human parts to a dog?

- He says this is how Wilmut made the Dolly and he made a copy of a cow : I seriously doubt these results. They have never been verified by a third party. Never! Liars like Wilmut and Hwang can join up to spread more lies because no one checks their claims. Biologists are not scientists! They have become media acrobats.

- Wilmut stumbled when "telomere" discovery was made. He had to kill Dolly in a hurry because of this question about telomere length. I want to ask Dr. Hwang about telomere lengths in his cells.

2) Why am I so against him?

- Dr. Hwang is grabbing nearly all of Korea's medical research budget. I think the money can be used better in systematic genetic sequencing and matching diseases to the genetic sequences. Dr. Hwang is promising a cure of terminal diseases without even knowing what he made. Who can know the results of scientific quest? No one should promise something he cannot deliver. Liars love to do this for money.

- If Dr. Hwang were actually making a human, I do not like him in the ethical arena. He is basically not only killing a human being but growing a human being for the purpose of lab testing. THIS IS A MURDER. Premeditated one as well.

All civilized and Christian nations will abhor at what he is doing eventually. The pope will speak out against it. And, many protestants will follow. Only buddhists, of which Dr.Hwang is one who thinks these babies have to die for the good of the living, will condone this. And, atheists.

Stop this madness. First, ask for a third party verifications of his claims. Question lab personnel in the promise of anonymity. Second, limit Dr. Hwang do his research with pigs, dogs, and monkeys. He can find the cure on the animals first. Then after perfecting his technique and his theory, he can work on humans.

His way of shoot-in-the-dark research is killing too many humans in the test tube. And, leave human eggs where they are. Human eggs are sacred objects, not toys for Dr. Hwang.


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