Friday, May 20, 2005

5 Hours that changed Korean History

General MacArthur flew into SuWon airfield at 1115, 29 June 1950. He just came for a look-see. All Americans were evacuated from Korea as planned. He had done his job well. He was there to see and feel the battle freeze again.

The president Truman and his advisors were dead set against the U.S. involvement in Korea. They had no inkling of fighting Russians in Korean peninsula. If Russia so desires, then it could have that primitive people and the land. They didn't care.

McArthur did not care, either. The United States just finished the WWII and it was not ready to start an another global scale war again. At least, not so soon. He just came for his entertainment.

However, something changed him before he flew out of Korea at 1600. Whatever happened to him in those five hours changed Korean history. He made orders to bomb North Korea even before Truman allowed him to. He strongly advocated and achieved the U.S. troop deployment to Korea.

What was it that affected him and changed him in those five hours? What did happen? As a Korean native, I like to know. Maybe a divine vision? If not, how could a man change so abruptly? It was a miracle!

I wonder about two what-ifs.
1) What if someone other than McArthur was in charge?
2) What if nothing happened to him when he visited SuWon?

All Koreans would have been living under Kim Jongil, starving to death. There had been no "miracle on Han river". No democracy. No freedom. Utter poverty, ignorance and death.

Koreans need to thank this man and God from the bottom of their hearts.


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