Sunday, May 22, 2005

The Case against Dr.Hwang

Dr. Hwang of Korea says he made human stem cells from skin cells of fully grown adults.

1) What did he actually make? Dr. Hwang says that he took out the nucleus of a female egg and injected the full set of DNA from the skin cell.

a) Was there a third party observer? No.

b) Was his results verified by any other labs? No.

c) Is there a lying involved? Yes, last year a female lab scientist lied to the Science magazine about donating her own eggs. This is "no-no" in true scientific research: the researcher loses her objectivity.

d) What is his proof that his cell is a stem cell?
-His lab observed the cell dividing and developing into different cells. : I need a third party verification of this starting from the DNA injection. Dr. Hwang or one of his assistants could have ejaculated his sperm on to the egg. Do scientists lie like this? You bet your family jewel.

- He says he injected this stem cells and a dog which lost spine function has MIRACULOUSLY regained the function: WTF, if it is a dog, use a dog stem cell! Why inject human parts to a dog?

- He says this is how Wilmut made the Dolly and he made a copy of a cow : I seriously doubt these results. They have never been verified by a third party. Never! Liars like Wilmut and Hwang can join up to spread more lies because no one checks their claims. Biologists are not scientists! They have become media acrobats.

- Wilmut stumbled when "telomere" discovery was made. He had to kill Dolly in a hurry because of this question about telomere length. I want to ask Dr. Hwang about telomere lengths in his cells.

2) Why am I so against him?

- Dr. Hwang is grabbing nearly all of Korea's medical research budget. I think the money can be used better in systematic genetic sequencing and matching diseases to the genetic sequences. Dr. Hwang is promising a cure of terminal diseases without even knowing what he made. Who can know the results of scientific quest? No one should promise something he cannot deliver. Liars love to do this for money.

- If Dr. Hwang were actually making a human, I do not like him in the ethical arena. He is basically not only killing a human being but growing a human being for the purpose of lab testing. THIS IS A MURDER. Premeditated one as well.

All civilized and Christian nations will abhor at what he is doing eventually. The pope will speak out against it. And, many protestants will follow. Only buddhists, of which Dr.Hwang is one who thinks these babies have to die for the good of the living, will condone this. And, atheists.

Stop this madness. First, ask for a third party verifications of his claims. Question lab personnel in the promise of anonymity. Second, limit Dr. Hwang do his research with pigs, dogs, and monkeys. He can find the cure on the animals first. Then after perfecting his technique and his theory, he can work on humans.

His way of shoot-in-the-dark research is killing too many humans in the test tube. And, leave human eggs where they are. Human eggs are sacred objects, not toys for Dr. Hwang.

Friday, May 20, 2005

5 Hours that changed Korean History

General MacArthur flew into SuWon airfield at 1115, 29 June 1950. He just came for a look-see. All Americans were evacuated from Korea as planned. He had done his job well. He was there to see and feel the battle freeze again.

The president Truman and his advisors were dead set against the U.S. involvement in Korea. They had no inkling of fighting Russians in Korean peninsula. If Russia so desires, then it could have that primitive people and the land. They didn't care.

McArthur did not care, either. The United States just finished the WWII and it was not ready to start an another global scale war again. At least, not so soon. He just came for his entertainment.

However, something changed him before he flew out of Korea at 1600. Whatever happened to him in those five hours changed Korean history. He made orders to bomb North Korea even before Truman allowed him to. He strongly advocated and achieved the U.S. troop deployment to Korea.

What was it that affected him and changed him in those five hours? What did happen? As a Korean native, I like to know. Maybe a divine vision? If not, how could a man change so abruptly? It was a miracle!

I wonder about two what-ifs.
1) What if someone other than McArthur was in charge?
2) What if nothing happened to him when he visited SuWon?

All Koreans would have been living under Kim Jongil, starving to death. There had been no "miracle on Han river". No democracy. No freedom. Utter poverty, ignorance and death.

Koreans need to thank this man and God from the bottom of their hearts.

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Remembering General McArthur the true warrior

Given the grave danger of a complete collapse of morale and fighting spirit among the South Korean people, General MacArthur felt that only a dramatic move would stiffen their resolve to resist. He decided to visit the country as immediate, symbolic proof of American backing. According to General Almond, MacArthur's chief of staff, the visit was also a search for firsthand knowledge of what the Korean Army was doing, what it intended to do next, and what President Rhee and Ambassador Muccio had to say.
Against the advice of his staff officers, who were apprehensive over extremely poor flying conditions and the threat of enemy air attack, General MacArthur flew to Korea. He landed at Suwon Airfield at 1115, 29 June 1950. Five members of his staff and four newsmen were with him.

Although two YAK fighter planes of the North Korean Air Force appeared over Suwon and one dropped a bomb at one end of the runway, MacArthur and his party landed safely. They went to a small schoolhouse where General Church and the American officers of ADCOM awaited them. President Syngman Rhee, Mr. Muccio, and General Chae were also there. At General MacArthur's request, the meeting opened with a resume of the current military situation by General Church, who said he had been able to locate only 8,000 of the ROK Army's original 100,000 men. While he was speaking, he received a report that 8,000 more had been gathered and that Korean officers hoped to have another 8,000 by evening.
After a few brief remarks from Muccio, General MacArthur stated, "Well, I have heard a good deal theoretically, and now I want to go and see these troops...." MacArthur and his group, in "three old, broken-down cars," drove thirty miles north to the south bank of the Han below Seoul, where they could see the enemy firing from the city at targets near them. By mid-afternoon, MacArthur had seen all he needed to and returned to Suwon Airfield, then departed about 1600.

General MacArthur had not waited for this JCS directive to order operations in North Korea. On the flight to Korea, according to Colonel Storey, his pilot, MacArthur had issued orders via his plane radio at 0800 (Korean time), 29 July 1950, saying to FEAF headquarters back in Tokyo, "Partridge from Stratemeyer, Take out North Korean airfields immediately. No publicity. MacArthur approves." This action took place twenty-four hours before the JCS authorized such action in accordance with the Presidential approval. Col. John Chiles, then SGS GHQ, UNC, told the author (September 1955) that he heard MacArthur give this order, dictating it to General Stratemeyer. And one of the newspapermen who was present on the plane, Roy McCartney, recounts the following narrative contained in Norman Bartell, ed., With the Australians in Korea (Canberra: Australian War Memorial, 1954), pages 165-79: "On the way to Korea, MacArthur resumed pacing, while weighing out loud how he could 'take out' the airfields from which North Korean Yak fighters were operating. 'Where's the President's directive?' he asked his intelligence chief, Major General Charles A. Willoughby. 'How can I bomb north of the 38th Parallel without Washington hanging me?' Willoughby, it turned out, had left Truman's directive in Tokyo. A half hour later MacArthur emerged from his private cabin and remarked almost casually, 'I've decided to bomb north of the 38th Parallel. The B-29s will be out tomorrow. The order has gone to Okinawa.'" General Whitney describes this incident in his book on General MacArthur and concludes, "Here was no timid delay while authorization was obtained from Washington; here was the capacity for command decision and the readiness to assume responsibility which had always been MacArthur's forte."

General MacArthur quite clearly had tipped the balance in favor of troop commitment. The risks had not changed or lessened, but the nation's leaders became convinced that communist seizure of Korea could not be tolerated. MacArthur's personal appeal, in fact, received even wider recognition on 30 June when he was told, "Restriction on use of Army Forces ... are hereby removed and authority granted to utilize Army Forces available to you."

Saturday, May 14, 2005

The Kingdom of Heaven (movie review)

I saw the movie and I am not impressed. To be politically correct(PC), the movie embraces the concept of "universal holiness". In the movie, the faithful christians are portrayed as evil, stupid or narrow-minded.

Some lines from the movie, "The man who does good to the world is the real Christian", "Burn the corpses. If God objects, then He is not true God" and "Let your conscience be the guide", make me think this movie is made by a bunch of pot-smoking non-Christians.

True believers believe the Bible and we really wait for the Kingdom of God. It is not the Kingdom of Conscience as the movie is so eager to portray. The Kingdom is a physical reality and I believe it is coming.

What to do to gain entrance into this wonderful kingdom? The Bible says, "I (Jesus) am the way, the truth and the life". Come to Jesus and receive Him to be the lord of your life. Read the Bible and obey God.

This life will pass by in short while. But, the Kingdom of Heaven is eternal.

KoreanAmericans hate communists!

13 May 2005

The head of the Peaceful Unification society of Korea returned yesterday with the barrage of protest sfrom Korean Americans in Los Angeles. Mr. Kim who went to North Korea some money and goats (don't laugh, the situation is dire), signed the visitor's log in P'yangYang with
"My dear leader, Kim Il Sung, who should be praised as the ...".

Later, he told the reporters that he and others were scared of what NKs would do to them, if he did not praise KJI's father who started the Korean War.

Many KoreanAmericans in Los Angeles who are devotedly anti-Communist (including moi) were mad at Mr. Kim. They flashed the signes such as "If you love NK, go live there", "No communist welcomed in LA", "Kill KJI" and "Bring back my brothers and sisters died in the Korean War".

Mr. Kim is considering the resignation from the post.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

NK nuke

What is the NK nuke crisis? Kim Jongil's attack on the U.S.? For what? To gain some rice and electricity? To gain some respect?

Condi Rice promised everything the NK said it wanted: Recognition as a soverign nation, No pre-emptive strike, etc.

How come NK is not stopping the nuke develpment when it got what it wanted?

The real reason for NK nuke crisis is not what it reported on the papers. KJI is working for the Chinese communist party. Chairman Hu wants KJI to threaten the U.S.

Till the U.S. is willing to trade with China...

China wants to trade NK nuke with Taiwan. If and when the general public gets so scared that the government is willing to give up Taiwan, then NK nuke crisis will be over. China started the crisis and China will keep it going till the U.S. give the Chinese what they want.

The U.S. should increase pressure on China. Kick their asses to cut off the oil supply to NK. If China does not listen, just put high tariffs on the Chinese goods and freeze their assets in the States. This will get their attention and may end so-called NK nuke crisis.