Monday, March 21, 2005

on evolution

Another Brian,

As a scientist, I must say there should be several theories about human origin.
1) creation by God
2) creation by an alien from a different planet
3) evolution from organic mixture
4) other more esoteric ones..different dimension, time travel, etc

The point I was making to Christian(he was a totally non-Christian, a heathen) was the evolutionists are only insisting (3). Very, very dogmatic. They are so closed-minded that even (2) was rejected.

In next few centuries, as humans venture out to space far beyound our immediate solar system, we may meet some aliens. The (2) will gain more weight then and win over (3). Mathematically, it has to be.

Then oh..about 30th century, (4) will be more popular.

Science is a rock music. Bands and sounds come and go.


One more thing,

Even if humans can prove that we came from a monkey( I forgot the name for this monkey) and evolution is the truth.

How can that disprove God's existence? God could have used evolution-ike mechanism to create human beings. That is his prerogative.

One is making a big, illogical jump when he assumes God did not make humans because he just proved evolution is true. God still made humans through evolution.

BTW, there is a creature called fruit flies. They go thru one generation in several hours. Scientists, especially evolution-believers, have been observing fruit flies for decades; this amounts to billions of human years. Nothing changed. The fruit fly today is no different from the fruit flies of 30 years ago. No evolution for billions of years.

Creation, Baby, believe it!


At 4:20 AM, Blogger kwandongbrian said...


Do you mean 'lucy'the 'monkey'? I must confess that I am not knowledgable about human evolution specifically.

You comment that evolution does not disprove God is well recieved. Only a few Christian groups are anti-evolution. Although I have not cites handy, The Roman Catholic Church accepts evolution as compatible with the bible. So do other religious groups.

I am not sure of your math regarding fruit flies and i think you are wrong about their lifespan. If the lifespan IS a few hours, then 8 generations a day for 365 days for 40 years is about 12,000 generations. If a generation of humans cycles every 20 years, then we get 240,000 years. Now I am not a scientist, although my degree is in Biology, but if you are wrong by four orders of magnitude, I have to question your other claims.

I think that fruit flies may be adults for only a few hours but they are probably grubs for days, weeks or even months. I don't know this for sure. Perhaps I'll do some searching later.

Anyway, I have heard that they made a different species of fruit fly. They are still fruit flies but unable to mate with the original species.

More later.

Other Brian

At 9:05 AM, Blogger baduk said...

Thanks for the interesting input. I had to write this rebuttal to my faith in a hurry and, as you have correctly pointed out, did not do my math correctly.

You are a biologist and I am a chemist. I think you know more about evolution than me.

Fruit flies not mating with the original species? Are you talking about KoreanAmerican females in the States?

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