Sunday, March 20, 2005


the international community - Mizarv

You mean the U.S.? UN? EU?

EU sells fighter planes to China so that China can bomb the heck out of Taiwan. Do you think they will join Korea’s cause if Korea Beehaved in European and cultured manner?

UN has no military and US will not be involved in a regional conflict. The U.S. will not die in Japan’s war.

Mizarv, if you are a Korean, your writing describe you. “Lying down and spit into air”. Things you deride other Koreans will be someday used against you. So, grow up from your “I am better than most Koreans” rhetoric. You are not an elite to the rest of the world, you are just a savage you so aptly described.

And, other posts suggest somehow Koreans were more refined the rest of the world will join Korea’s cause and defend against possible Japanese invasion. Fat chance! They never have and they never will.

Phew, the bottom line is money. There in NO international community and NO justice. Read what I wrote about Rwanda.


There are too many Koreans like you saying ” I may look like a Korean but I am not like a typical Korean(=I am not a Korean)”. Well, to the rest of the world you are the Korean you described. Any bad things you spew out will come back directly to you once you step outside Korea.

So, why help the enemy? Why kick youself in the buttocks?

Think about good things about yourself and write about them. The rest of Korean people share the quality. After all, you came from the same gene pool.