Sunday, March 20, 2005

Korean situation

It is like a Dracula movie. Korea, the South Korea(NK is already bitten by Russia and China and it has turned into a half-life), has to fight off three devils, China, Russia and Japan. The U.S. will not bite but it is not helping Korea to fend off Japan (nor China?) either.

SK must stand like a man with a torch. Whichever one lashes its tongue and gnarls its teeth at him, he must first fight. While he is fighting the other two will bite and he will become a zombie too.

But, heck, he cannot just lie down and play dead! He must get at least one. And, who knows the U.S. may suddenly come in a white horse to save SK, just like it has done in the Korean War.

All Koreans want to do is to die fighting. At least, they will get the first one who messed with them.