Sunday, March 20, 2005


Some of you do not understand how the real world operates. If you show to a Japanese or a Korean an document and say “Look here, this document says…”, you think that will end the argument? A snowball in hell.

If Japanese troop ships show up at Dokdo, cry out to the imaginary world community and tell them about Korea’s situation and some country will come and help? Which country? Congo? Poland? Argentina?

There is no world community. And, there is no proper way to behave.

Some say Korean hype about Dokdo will only give the opportunity for right-wing Japanese groups to drum up more support. I think the opposit is the true. If Koreans just keep hush-hush, the right wing groups in Japan will try to more. If you give a foot, they will take a mile. They always do.

Cutting off the fingers may have been too radical, but burning flag of the Emperior Japan..Why not! Show them we are mad. Mad as heck and will not take this c*rap from an evil neighbor.