Sunday, March 20, 2005


Many people on this board is telling Koreans to back down and just take it. Or, it won’t happen so calm down.

Well, you cannot tell that to a victim who just saw her *rapist around the corner once more. Yes, Korea had been the Japan’s slave for almost fourty years. Yes, Korea was only freed as the by-product of WWII. Yes, all Koreans spoke Japanese and used Japanese last names. Yes, Koreans were forced to participate in Shinto worship and recite the pledge to the Emperor of Japan. Some Christians refused and put to death.

What do you want? Just fall backward and play dead? Koreans will fight. I cannot guarantee they will fight to the extent of the Japanese’ example during WWII, but it would be very difficult for Japan to win easily.

We will fight them in the air. We will fight them in the sea. And, many years later, people will say this was the Korea’s finest hour.