Sunday, March 20, 2005


I do not like the present psedo-liberal government in SK. Nor do I share their dream of becoming a part of upcoming Chinese Empire.

However, do not mince word. Hating the right person to hate is a good thing. It is inherent protective mechanism; even the One turned ove moneychangers’ table and beat them. Would it be funny when Koreans oversea go “la-di-da” when Japan takes a part of Korean territory?

Burn *flags! Shout slogans! Write with blood! Show emotion! After all, we are not robots. We have emotion. Japan wants to take my country’s, birth country’s, land. Should I applaud Japan’s reasonable approach to “land robbing”?

Of course, I will not suggest to lob a missle to Japan. However, if Japan sends a landing force to Dokdo (Don’t ever think this cannot happen- if you do, you are naive), I must think different.

The Korea’s game plan has been, “just act mean and get the first one who challenges with you - be it China, Japan, Russia (or, even the U.S.)”, which I think may work in Korea’s situation