Sunday, March 20, 2005


Kimbob, Tarion.
I am glad that there are people like yourselves who know about Korea so much. You guys 100% correct. I am much older and my English writing isn’t great. So I will summarize my views. This may be what Korean nationals feel about this issure.

The Japanese are not quiet and cultured people as they seem to portray themselves to Europeans. They do fantasize frequently about their “glorious past”. The case in point is this “Dokdo” case. It is a clear attempt(they started it) to grab some land if they can. While NK is still threatening and America is looking the other way, these people wants to grab some momento of their former glory. And, Koisumi government is supporting it 100%. Their ambassador in Korea said it is Japan’s. Can you believe this people?

Wes, from Germay, do you know any ambassador stationed in a foreign country declaring blatantly that any part of the territory that he is stationed in actually belong to his native country? How tactless! What audacity! This is typical Japanese mindset. They are taught to be overtly aggressive against any Asian people while kowtowing to Caucasians.

Japan’s game plan is to take Dokdo case to the world court. And, while the court takes up the case, Japan will request for Korea to vacate the island and Japan will use force if necessary. In the court, having better legal skills and paying under the table money, they will get the island.

What evil schemers and land grabbers, they are!

Yes, I am a Japanese hater like anybody who suffered their tyranny which is ongoing looking at this Dokdo case. Sometimes, you have to stand up against your neighbor if the neighbor wants to rob your possession. And, Korea being a weak person compared to three powerful neighbors, she must act unpredictable and crazy sometimes just to survive. If a physically-weak person is in the middle of thug land, the only way to survive is to act crazy. In some neighborhood, reasonable talk doesn’t cut it. He does not have a negotiating power.

The case in point is this Dokdo case.