Sunday, March 20, 2005


This is Sunday in the U.S. and let me tell you what I think America is.

There is a “Force” in the universe. This “Force” claims that it made the Universe, the earth, all living creatures and the human beings. This “Force” walked with a particular race of people called Jews. However, soon these people abandoned the “Force”.

This “Force” worked with Spain, Germany Britain and is now working with America. President Bush was “allegedly” told by this Force to attack Iraqi dictator and liberate people. He followed this “Force”’s command.
Americans voted President Bush for the second term. Either these Americans are stupid or misled? Many people think so. I know many who voted for Pres. Bush believes this “Force”.

Yes, I do. You can say that I am naive or stupid. But I have some experiences that led me to the conclusion that this “Force” is real and true. Do you like to know about this “Force”? The name is “Jesus”.
Recently, this Force departed from Europe and He reside exclusively in the U.S. However, strangely this Force is strong in one other country. Where? In Korea. Yes, the savage and uncoothe people. This Force is very strong in Korea. Wonderful, Amazing!

If you like to know more about this Force, just get a Bible and start reading. It will tell you all about the history of mankind from the beginning and it will tell you about the ending as well.

However, for those who follow this “Jesus” will have a different place (different dimension?) to live called Heaven. Wierd? Crazy? If you think that, isn’t human life crazy? We do not know why we are here. We do not know where we come from and we do not know where we are going after death. Weird trip, huh?

I found the answer in the Bible and in Jesus. You can laugh. But, I believe my answer has 50-50 chance of working out. I think it is better than no answer. How about you?


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