Monday, March 21, 2005

on evolution

Another Brian,

As a scientist, I must say there should be several theories about human origin.
1) creation by God
2) creation by an alien from a different planet
3) evolution from organic mixture
4) other more esoteric ones..different dimension, time travel, etc

The point I was making to Christian(he was a totally non-Christian, a heathen) was the evolutionists are only insisting (3). Very, very dogmatic. They are so closed-minded that even (2) was rejected.

In next few centuries, as humans venture out to space far beyound our immediate solar system, we may meet some aliens. The (2) will gain more weight then and win over (3). Mathematically, it has to be.

Then oh..about 30th century, (4) will be more popular.

Science is a rock music. Bands and sounds come and go.


One more thing,

Even if humans can prove that we came from a monkey( I forgot the name for this monkey) and evolution is the truth.

How can that disprove God's existence? God could have used evolution-ike mechanism to create human beings. That is his prerogative.

One is making a big, illogical jump when he assumes God did not make humans because he just proved evolution is true. God still made humans through evolution.

BTW, there is a creature called fruit flies. They go thru one generation in several hours. Scientists, especially evolution-believers, have been observing fruit flies for decades; this amounts to billions of human years. Nothing changed. The fruit fly today is no different from the fruit flies of 30 years ago. No evolution for billions of years.

Creation, Baby, believe it!

Sunday, March 20, 2005


Some of you do not understand how the real world operates. If you show to a Japanese or a Korean an document and say “Look here, this document says…”, you think that will end the argument? A snowball in hell.

If Japanese troop ships show up at Dokdo, cry out to the imaginary world community and tell them about Korea’s situation and some country will come and help? Which country? Congo? Poland? Argentina?

There is no world community. And, there is no proper way to behave.

Some say Korean hype about Dokdo will only give the opportunity for right-wing Japanese groups to drum up more support. I think the opposit is the true. If Koreans just keep hush-hush, the right wing groups in Japan will try to more. If you give a foot, they will take a mile. They always do.

Cutting off the fingers may have been too radical, but burning flag of the Emperior Japan..Why not! Show them we are mad. Mad as heck and will not take this c*rap from an evil neighbor.


The penny-wise and pound-foolish Japanese are at it again. They are risking the whole Korea-Japan relationship over a small island. They may get what they want but never again will be able to gain the trust of Koreans.

This puts the U.S. in a very, very awkward situation. If the war happens, it will be great for American economy and for California(this is where I live). America can sell more fighter planes and other weapons to Japan at high premium. The U.S. will be able to pay off the Treasury Bills held by the Japanese. That amounts to more than 30% of U.S. national debt.

However, the alliance of the U.S.-Japan-Korea will no longer exists(some say Korea has already left the alliance, but that is not true). And, Korea may have no other option but to join the Chinese camp.

A great loss. An irreparable loss.

Japan’s greed will mess up the U.S. plans. Shortly thereafter, China will attack Japan using Korean soldiers as its front troops. Should the U.S. defend Japan, if this happens? What do you think?


I was born a Korean. Now, I am a KoreanAmerican. Why do you ask? You think I may be a North Korean commie? Well, I like to hack off Kim Jongil’s head if I have chance. I do not believe that to be a sin. I don’t think that will fit the catergory of “murder”; it will be more like “disinfection”.

Yep, it had to be “Banzai!”. What else? “Banzai!” to kill the U.S. marines. And, “Banzai!” kill and subjugate Koreans once more. The Japanese believe they have weapons to do it. But, what about the personnel? People who are willing to shed their blood and fight on even when their buddies die off.

Does Japan have those soldiers? Korea does.


Many people on this board is telling Koreans to back down and just take it. Or, it won’t happen so calm down.

Well, you cannot tell that to a victim who just saw her *rapist around the corner once more. Yes, Korea had been the Japan’s slave for almost fourty years. Yes, Korea was only freed as the by-product of WWII. Yes, all Koreans spoke Japanese and used Japanese last names. Yes, Koreans were forced to participate in Shinto worship and recite the pledge to the Emperor of Japan. Some Christians refused and put to death.

What do you want? Just fall backward and play dead? Koreans will fight. I cannot guarantee they will fight to the extent of the Japanese’ example during WWII, but it would be very difficult for Japan to win easily.

We will fight them in the air. We will fight them in the sea. And, many years later, people will say this was the Korea’s finest hour.


the international community - Mizarv

You mean the U.S.? UN? EU?

EU sells fighter planes to China so that China can bomb the heck out of Taiwan. Do you think they will join Korea’s cause if Korea Beehaved in European and cultured manner?

UN has no military and US will not be involved in a regional conflict. The U.S. will not die in Japan’s war.

Mizarv, if you are a Korean, your writing describe you. “Lying down and spit into air”. Things you deride other Koreans will be someday used against you. So, grow up from your “I am better than most Koreans” rhetoric. You are not an elite to the rest of the world, you are just a savage you so aptly described.

And, other posts suggest somehow Koreans were more refined the rest of the world will join Korea’s cause and defend against possible Japanese invasion. Fat chance! They never have and they never will.

Phew, the bottom line is money. There in NO international community and NO justice. Read what I wrote about Rwanda.


There are too many Koreans like you saying ” I may look like a Korean but I am not like a typical Korean(=I am not a Korean)”. Well, to the rest of the world you are the Korean you described. Any bad things you spew out will come back directly to you once you step outside Korea.

So, why help the enemy? Why kick youself in the buttocks?

Think about good things about yourself and write about them. The rest of Korean people share the quality. After all, you came from the same gene pool.


Paul Webb, Koreans do not have squadron of B-2 bombers so take off clothes, lie down and enjoy what comes next? Is that it?

Koreans will do anything including self-destruction to fight off the Japanese. Once is enough. Never to be a slave again. You must value this Korean resolve. I think you are a military man like myself and you must respect this will of Korean people to determine their future even if the future looks insurmountable. Dokdo could be Korea’s Alamo.

And, do not take SK’s military so lightly. Japan will have hard time taking SK. Who knows China may jump in and take a whip at Japan as well. So, Japan Beware!


Japan can’t dare to do anything -Kimbob

They are doing it already. The next step is the Japanese assembly to vote on the resolution and it will go to the International Court.

I wouldn’t say Koreans to shut “the fuck off”. They are as smart as you. You were brought up in the West and think all Koreans are savages. Maybe some Koreans you knew were. I think you have some issues here.

Koreans know just enough loudness. After the next week’s soccer match, things may die down a bit. However, in the near future when the Japs land on Dokdo, all bets are off.

Korean situation

It is like a Dracula movie. Korea, the South Korea(NK is already bitten by Russia and China and it has turned into a half-life), has to fight off three devils, China, Russia and Japan. The U.S. will not bite but it is not helping Korea to fend off Japan (nor China?) either.

SK must stand like a man with a torch. Whichever one lashes its tongue and gnarls its teeth at him, he must first fight. While he is fighting the other two will bite and he will become a zombie too.

But, heck, he cannot just lie down and play dead! He must get at least one. And, who knows the U.S. may suddenly come in a white horse to save SK, just like it has done in the Korean War.

All Koreans want to do is to die fighting. At least, they will get the first one who messed with them.


Paul Webb, how would you react if Japan lay claim on Guam Island saying that it once belong to Japan? And, Japan wants to take the case to the World Court? Would you laugh it off?

And, to counter that, some young people in Boston burned Japanese flag. Would you say it is too much? Would tell them America is making wrong decision based on pride?

Things feel different when it happens to you.

Japan is doing to Korea and you are telling Koreans just to take it. I disagree.


I do not like the present psedo-liberal government in SK. Nor do I share their dream of becoming a part of upcoming Chinese Empire.

However, do not mince word. Hating the right person to hate is a good thing. It is inherent protective mechanism; even the One turned ove moneychangers’ table and beat them. Would it be funny when Koreans oversea go “la-di-da” when Japan takes a part of Korean territory?

Burn *flags! Shout slogans! Write with blood! Show emotion! After all, we are not robots. We have emotion. Japan wants to take my country’s, birth country’s, land. Should I applaud Japan’s reasonable approach to “land robbing”?

Of course, I will not suggest to lob a missle to Japan. However, if Japan sends a landing force to Dokdo (Don’t ever think this cannot happen- if you do, you are naive), I must think different.

The Korea’s game plan has been, “just act mean and get the first one who challenges with you - be it China, Japan, Russia (or, even the U.S.)”, which I think may work in Korea’s situation


Have you seen the movie, Hotel Rwanda? The reasonable people in Rwanda were waiting for “THE CIVILIZED COUNTRIES” such as France, Germany and the U.S. to come and stop the street killing. Damn it, it is near the end of 20th century and people are all civilized. How can peple can hack a person in broad daylight in the middle of street and nobody comes to stop it?

Nobody came. The world can be cold and cruel place. Quite different from textbook world.

Japan can invade Korea. And, nobody may stop it.

Do not worry about how the other countries look at Koreans. After all is said and done, every country must fend for itself. When your neighbor wants to take your radio, you must shout like a crazy man. It is no time to reason and talk. If he is a reasonable person, would he want your radio in the first place?

So Koreans are shouting. Cutting off fingers and burning flags. This has to be done.

Some may say “How crude and uncivilized!”. But it depends on your neighborhood. If you live in the middle of harlem, you must act this way. Believe me, it is the only way to fend off some crazy people in the world.


Kimbob, Tarion.
I am glad that there are people like yourselves who know about Korea so much. You guys 100% correct. I am much older and my English writing isn’t great. So I will summarize my views. This may be what Korean nationals feel about this issure.

The Japanese are not quiet and cultured people as they seem to portray themselves to Europeans. They do fantasize frequently about their “glorious past”. The case in point is this “Dokdo” case. It is a clear attempt(they started it) to grab some land if they can. While NK is still threatening and America is looking the other way, these people wants to grab some momento of their former glory. And, Koisumi government is supporting it 100%. Their ambassador in Korea said it is Japan’s. Can you believe this people?

Wes, from Germay, do you know any ambassador stationed in a foreign country declaring blatantly that any part of the territory that he is stationed in actually belong to his native country? How tactless! What audacity! This is typical Japanese mindset. They are taught to be overtly aggressive against any Asian people while kowtowing to Caucasians.

Japan’s game plan is to take Dokdo case to the world court. And, while the court takes up the case, Japan will request for Korea to vacate the island and Japan will use force if necessary. In the court, having better legal skills and paying under the table money, they will get the island.

What evil schemers and land grabbers, they are!

Yes, I am a Japanese hater like anybody who suffered their tyranny which is ongoing looking at this Dokdo case. Sometimes, you have to stand up against your neighbor if the neighbor wants to rob your possession. And, Korea being a weak person compared to three powerful neighbors, she must act unpredictable and crazy sometimes just to survive. If a physically-weak person is in the middle of thug land, the only way to survive is to act crazy. In some neighborhood, reasonable talk doesn’t cut it. He does not have a negotiating power.

The case in point is this Dokdo case.


This is Sunday in the U.S. and let me tell you what I think America is.

There is a “Force” in the universe. This “Force” claims that it made the Universe, the earth, all living creatures and the human beings. This “Force” walked with a particular race of people called Jews. However, soon these people abandoned the “Force”.

This “Force” worked with Spain, Germany Britain and is now working with America. President Bush was “allegedly” told by this Force to attack Iraqi dictator and liberate people. He followed this “Force”’s command.
Americans voted President Bush for the second term. Either these Americans are stupid or misled? Many people think so. I know many who voted for Pres. Bush believes this “Force”.

Yes, I do. You can say that I am naive or stupid. But I have some experiences that led me to the conclusion that this “Force” is real and true. Do you like to know about this “Force”? The name is “Jesus”.
Recently, this Force departed from Europe and He reside exclusively in the U.S. However, strangely this Force is strong in one other country. Where? In Korea. Yes, the savage and uncoothe people. This Force is very strong in Korea. Wonderful, Amazing!

If you like to know more about this Force, just get a Bible and start reading. It will tell you all about the history of mankind from the beginning and it will tell you about the ending as well.

However, for those who follow this “Jesus” will have a different place (different dimension?) to live called Heaven. Wierd? Crazy? If you think that, isn’t human life crazy? We do not know why we are here. We do not know where we come from and we do not know where we are going after death. Weird trip, huh?

I found the answer in the Bible and in Jesus. You can laugh. But, I believe my answer has 50-50 chance of working out. I think it is better than no answer. How about you?