Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Prediction for the year 2007

1) Korean real estate bubble will burst. All apartments will depreciate to 50% of present price.

2) President Rho will resign, naming Gohgun as the intrim acting president.

3) Korea will stop "sunshine policy" and all forms of contact with Kim Jongil's regime.

4) The US will go to war with Iran. Korean soldiers will fight side-by-side with American troops to topple Iranian regime.

5) South Korea and Japan will announce mutual defense treaty aimed at China-NK coalition.

6) Economic hardship (lost 20 years) will start.

7) NK will attack SK in limited scale on sea and near DMZ. Korean people will learn to hate NK to the max. China will be hated as well for helping KJI regime.

8) FTA with the US will not pass.

9) American troop withdrawal from Korea will accelerate. Koreans will be scared and many will flee the country. Laws will be passed to block Korean nationals from leaving the country.

10) Foreign investments will plunge. Stock market and real estate will dive with no bottom. Korea will go down from its peak (2006) as many countries in Asia and SouthAmerica have done in history. The miracle of Han river will end and Korea will deteriorate into a third world country. All because so-called liberals(=Commies) played the anti-American card and that accelerated the US withdrawal from Korea. Koreans brought this to themselves. No one to blame.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Time to block Samsung TVs and Huyndai cars

North Korean (DPRK) government is building intercontinental missiles with nuclear warhead. Kim Jongil officially stated that these missiles will be used against the US. These poor rats want to steal a piece of pie from the US without earning it. KJI want to get it by threatening America.

Meanwhile, South Koreans who are supposed to be the allies of the US have been aiding DPRK. SKs pump billions of dollars to that evil regime through tourism, economic aids and sham projects. Most of money goes directly to KJI's effort to develop longer range missles and stronger nuke warheads. SKs know this and yet they continue. Maybe they want to attack the US themselves.

It is about time for America to wake up and punish these Talibans who are aiding the enemy. Boycott Samsung electronic products and Huyndai cars. When Americans buy these products, considerable part of the purchase money is going to DPRK and to Kim Jongil.

Just boycott these products! And, the next step is stopping KAL and Asiana, the two SK airlines, from flying over the continental USA, in the fear that these airlines may carry DPRK terrorists and spies.

If the US consistently press this point, South Koreans will change. Boycotting Korean products will bring about riots in Korea and 180 degree turnabout in Korean society. You can not sell your products to the US while being in kahoots with the enemy. Send a strong message! Hurt them where it hurts the most, in their pockets.

Time to block Samsung DVD players and Huyndai cars.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

John Bolton saves time.

John Bolton announced that he would skip Korea in his recent Asian tour. He plans to stay in Japan instead.

Bolton saw what is coming in Korea and he decided to save time. :

Bolton: We have to tough on NK.
Song: Then, NK will retaliate. We must embrace KJI.

Bolton: Embracing? You mean kneeling.
Song: No, talking. The six-party talk.

Bolton: We try that. While talking, NK developed nukes.
Song: So what, we keep talking.

Bolton: Fuck talking. You guys are kneeling and handing over the country to KJI without fighting. We have a word for people like you guys.
Song: No war. Peace. Talk. Give.

Bolton: KJI has nukes. He will only want more from you. How you gonna handle him?
Song: Talk. Love. Serve.

Bolton: Fuck you assholes. How long you guys think you can play both sides? We are leaving. Bye.
Song: Talk. Love. Serve. Survive.

Bolton: Fuck you. Victory belongs to the Brave. You ain't.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

NK nuke and what comes next

NK just did an underground nuke test.

What comes next?




The US will do some tough talking but then ask the UN to take action. The UN would not do anything other than mildly condemning NK. Russia and China will see to it.




SK and Japan may say they would develop nuke. But, they already have them.




The US is busy planning a war with Iran. NK problem is left to Japan to solve with SK vacillating between two gigantic camps, China camp(China, NK and Russia) and Japan camp (Japan, the US, Taiwan). SK will eventually be fucked by both camps; the people who are so stupid that it cannot decide which camp to belong deserves to be wasted.

So, till the China/Japan hegemony fight starts (after Beijing olympic), the situation will not change. NK will continue to do these tests. And, the US will ignore them.




Thursday, August 31, 2006

How NK will beat SK?

In the 1950 Korean War, North Koreans got Soviet tanks that caught South Koreans totally unprepared. SKs were expecting no tanks or inferior tanks used by the Japanese.

These Soviet tanks were something else. Koreans did everything they could, running suicide attack on it, shooting cannons, going underneath with a landmine, etc. Nothing worked. As a result, SKs lost. They had no information about Soviet tanks and they had nothing to stop it.

What if NKs get something like that from China. A biological germs which SKs have no antidote for. A new chemical agent that can kill SKs that are not prepared for. How about tactical nuclear shells that takes out a 1000 soldiers per shot? Something that SKs are not prepared for.

How about going around DMZ that are strongly fortified? Use the Nazi idea on France. China is a friend of NK and what if it lets NKs to use its ports. NKs will get on troop ships(could be even Chinese warships) and move in the back of Korean defense line.

Or, just carpet-shelling with their long-range artillery. This action alone may kill the president and all generals who are in Seoul, within the range of the guns. Or, use spies to attack all of them at the same time.

There are many scenarios that SKs have not prepared for. There are many!

SK will lose. NK cannot lose because China will protect it, just as in Korean War. The best SK can hope for is to hold it long enough for the US to arrive. But, would the US come?

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The dire moment of Korean history

Korean government has decide to take the "leading role" in the defense of Korea. While this sounds reasonable and justified, in reality, this is a kick-in-the-butt for American troops.

US soldiers will never take commands from Korean officers. No way. Koreans know this and the US knows this. Then, this decision by Korean government is tentamount to saying "Thank you for your service in Korea, but we don't need you any more. Now, get out".

This, actually, came at the great time for the US, which has been dying to pull troops out of Korea. Rumsfeld is so happy that he is smiling all day long.

So, what comes next? Korean government will rely on lying and propaganda. Today Korean defense minister says "we can take care of NK artilleries in six minutes after the hostilities start". How? How are Koreans find locations of these artilleries which are hidden inside the mountains? Six minutes? Ridiculous lie.

Majority of Koreans, who do not have great scientific skills, do not even doubt. They trust their defense minister. It is so absurd. You know what? This exact thing, lies by defense minister, happened prior to 1950 Korean war. The minister at that time guaranteed that Korean forces would easily defeat NK force, which proved to be a blatant lie.

The US forces are pulling out and storm of war is covering Korean peninsula. When the US attacks Iran, NK will come down with Chinese weapons. Not necessarily through DMZ. They may go to China and take chinese warships to land in the back of Korean troops. And, they will use non-conventional weapons, such as biological agents, chemicals or tactical nuke shells.

South Korea will lose and SK will be absorbed into NK, as happened in VietNam. Under Kim Jongil. And, five years after that, China will order United Korea to attack Japan, which will make mince-meat out of Koreans.

Korean people, significantly dwindled due to war deaths, will be dispersed into China to get food and eventually become a minority people of China. Korea, as a country, will no longer exist.

All these will come to pass within twenty years. Even ten.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

The solution to NK problem

Sam woke up when he heard noise coming from his garden. “Poop”, “Poop”.. He instantly knew what it was. It’s that mad woman from Korea.
He shooed her away. But, damage was already done. The mad woman had pooped all over his house. She said she wanted to talk, but Sam wisely called her ex-hubby.

Sam: Your bitch was doing it again this morning.
Hu: She is no longer my wife and I cannot do anything about her.

Sam: Hey, where did that bitch eat yesterday?
Hu: My house.

Sam: Stop feeding the bitch. If she has nothing in her stomach, then she wouldn’t shit.
Hu: Why don’t you talk to her?

Sam: She is YOUR bitch. Stop feeding her. Talk? Does her behavior looks like some bitch you can reason with? You talk to her!
Hu: I have talked her several times not to go and shit on your house.

Sam: Obviously, you are not doing a good job. Why don’t you put your bitch on a leash. Next time, she shit on my house, I am going to shit on your house. Get that?
Hu: I have no control over her.

Sam: Funking don’t lie. You are feeding her. Isn’t that right?
Hu: Yes, but..

Sam: No buts. Stop feeding (sending oil) her!
Hu: I cannot do that.

Sam: You mean “you won’t”. Ok. Got it. I now know why that bitch was coming and shitting around my house. You are behind it all. I am going to shit all over YOUR house, you double-talking Chinese!!!!